The Bute Collection


The celebrated Bute Collection was formed by the Stuarts, Crichton-Stuarts, Earls and Marquesses of Bute and now resides at Mount Stuart, the ancestral home of the family for over six hundred years. One of Europe’s finest privately owned collections, from Old Master paintings to exquisite pieces of porcelain and glass, intricate silver to a remarkable collection of archives and books, the Bute Collection is a fitting testament to the extraordinary taste and creative vision of succeeding generations of the Bute Family.

A richly rewarding and diverse range of historic collections are to be found at Mount Stuart and, on loan, in museums and galleries across the world. From medieval drinking vessels to a magnificent range of silver and jewellery commissioned from the great Victorian “Art-Architect” William Burges, the silver collection reflects the taste of all groups of society.

The furniture collection is similarly impressive with pieces of distinction by or attributed to names such as Robert Adam, Thomas Chippendale and the great English clock maker Thomas Tompion. Mount Stuart also houses one of Europe’s finest private collections of artworks including 18th and 19th century portraits by Ramsay, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Lawrence, and Raeburn and one of the great collections of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters, with signature pieces by such artists as Ruisdael, Rubens, de Hooch and van der Neer.

The Bute Archive

One of Scotland's finest collections of historical documents, the Bute Archive is a repository of rich stories reflecting the pedigree, longevity and creativity of our family. From personal papers to public records and business archives to maps, plans and designs, our archive overflows with a wealth of information of local, national and international significance.

Dating from 1158, the archive contains material of the utmost historical importance: eyewitness accounts of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587, the Battle of Culloden in 1746 and the sinking of Titanic in 1912 sit alongside political papers, Royal correspondence and botanical drawings. Art, architecture and design provide rich seams too; the first hand-drawn map of Singapore and material of some of the great artists, architects and designers of the past 250 years such as Robert Adam, William Burges, Thomas Chippendale and Allan Ramsay are all represented. Here too can be found the material evidence of the remarkable rise of Cardiff from a small backwater to - a little over a century later - the cosmopolitan Capital city of Wales.