The Bute Family Tree

Reign of Scotland began


King Robert II of Scotland (c1316 - 1390)

First King of the house of Stewart

Married (1) Elizabeth Mure

(2) Euphemia de Ross

Date of creation


John Stewart (c1360 - c1448)

Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Married Janet Semple

Known as 'The Black Stewart' (illegitimate son of Robert II). Date of his creation as Sheriff of Bute and Arran is uncertain c1385.

Date of succession


James Stewart (Died c1464)

Second Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Married Margaret Stewart

Date of succession


William Stewart (Died c1465)

Third Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Date of succession


James Stewart (Died c1477)

Fourth Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Date of succession


James Stewart (Died c1490)

Fifth Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Date of succession


Ninian Stewart (Died c1539)

Sixth Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Married Elizabeth Blair

Date of succession


Sir James Stewart (Died c1570)


Married Marion Fairlie

Date of succession


John Stewart (Died 1612)

Eighth Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Married Mary Campbell

Date of succession


Sir John Stewart (Died 1619)


Married Elizabeth Hepburn

Date of succession


Sir James Stewart (Died 1662)

First Baronet of Scotland and Nova Scotia

Married Grizel Campbell

Date of succession


Sir Dougald Stewart (Died 1670)

Second Baronet of Scotland and Nova Scotia

Married Elizabeth Ruthven

Date of creation


James Stewart (1658 - 1710)

First Earl of Bute

Married Christian Dundas

Date of succession


James Stewart (1682 - 1723)

Second Earl of Bute

Married Anne Campbell

Date of succession


John Stuart  (1713 - 1792)

Third Earl of Bute

Married Mary Wortley Montagu

Sir John Stuart was appointed First Lord of the Treasury, a position which has its equivalent in the title of Prime Minister today.

Date of succession


John Stuart (1744 - 1814)

First Marquess of Bute, 1796

Married (1) Charlotte Jane Windsor

(2) Fanny Coutts

Date of succession


John Crichton-Stuart (1793-1848)

Second Marquess of Bute

Married (1) Maria North

(2) Sophia Bute nee Hastings

Sophia came from a literary family and prepared editions of her father’s letters (Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings) and her sister’s poems (Lady Flora Hastings, courtier to the Duchess of Kent, Queen Victoria’s mother).

Date of succession


John Patrick Crichton-Stuart (1847 - 1900)

Third Marquess of Bute

Married the Hon. Gwendolen Fitzalan Howard

Date of succession


John Crichton-Stuart (1881–1947)

Fourth Marquess of Bute

Married Augusta Bute nee Bellingham

Augusta and her husband offered Mount Stuart for use as a medical facility first to the military and then to the Admiralty upon the outbreak of the First World War. The Admiralty accepted and the house was run as a naval hospital from 1915 until 1919. Augusta Bute was heavily involved in running the hospital and was awarded a DBE (Dame of the British Empire) for her services after the end of the war.

Date of succession


John Crichton-Stuart (1907-1956)

Fifth Marquess of Bute

Married Lady Eileen Forbes

Date of succession


John Crichton-Stuart (1933 - 1993)

Sixth Marquess of Bute

Married (1) Beatrice Nicola Grace Weld Forester

(2) Jennifer Percy (Home-Rigg)

Date of succession


John Crichton-Stuart (Born 1958)

Seventh Marquess of Bute

Married (1) Carolyn Waddell

(2) Serena Solitaire Wendell

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